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Sequin ArtKitfix Swallow Group Ltd, trading as KSG, was founded in 1960 by Stuart Marcus in Walthamstow, London. The firm, originally known as Kitfix, started by selling its first product, a wooden dolls house kit, through Exchange & Mart and other retail outlets.


In the 1970s Stuart Marcus developed the business by importing toys from Italy and later Japan. At the same time the company made its first Painting by Numbers Kit followed by a special limited edition painting by numbers kit featuring the Beetles, known as the Fab Four. Interestingly one of the original Beetles painting by numbers kits was auctioned some years later at a collector’s auction for over £400.  As the business grew Stuart decided to relocate from London to the company’s current purpose built factory and office premises in Swaffham, Norfolk.


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Over the years the company grew and moved away from importing. By the late 1980’s the company was developing and exclusively manufacturing its own products. With the acquisition of a further three companies, the company grew significantly. Over the years KSG has established itself as a market leader in quality and innovative craft kits which continue to be manufactured in the UK.

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In 1989 KSG acquired its flagship product, Sequin Art® from Impex of London. KSG has successfully developed a sophisticated and exciting range of quality craft kits, which are sold in more than 20 countries and which are heavily advertised on television. Of course KSG makes more than just Sequin Art kits. Each year the company brings out 40 or more new products and continues to invest heavily in new product development with its own in house research and development team.


KSG is still an independent family owned and run business which continues to manufacture quality craft kits. We hope you enjoy the website and our quality craft kits!